Minnesota Allergy & Asthma

We are happy to announce that we have some important changes happening for the new year! As many of you may know, Thomas Eisenstadt Jr. retired from medicine in 2019 after nearly 45 years in practice. He worked to continue the legacy of his father’s clinic opened nearly 65 years ago. Together with Dr. Ramarathinam Nagarajan they have partnered for the last 22 years to deliver you unparalleled care at Eisenstadt Allergy & Asthma. With Dr. Eisenstadt’s partnership in the business concluding at the end of 2022, Dr. Ramarathinam Nagarajan will continue to operate the clinic under the name Minnesota Allergy & Asthma. We want our patients to take comfort knowing that despite the name change, you can still expect the same level and quality of care and attention you have come to know and appreciate at Eisenstadt Allergy & Asthma.

Thank you for choosing us for your allergy and asthma care. We offer comprehensive allergy, asthma and pulmonary services for patients of all ages.

Our Philosophy of Care

Your best health is our desired goal. The physicians of MAA are committed to an individualized approach to patient care. We provide an initial comprehensive evaluation of all new patients in order to design a management program that fits each patients needs. We encourage your questions at any time so that there is always a clear and mutual understanding of goals and treatment plans.

During the course of your treatment, you may be cared for by more than one physician. We believe that by meeting other physicians of the practice, each of us will be familiar with your care and treatment. In case of emergency we will not be strangers. However, if you have a preference for a specific physician, please mention this to the receptionist when making an appointment and we will accommodate your request.Learn More